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Description of Remed Ethics Line

Remed Ethics Line is managed by Remed Group which is a completely independent third party company.

Your employees may ask questions and share their concerns about;
  • Corporate business principles,
  • Code of conduct,
  • Discrimination,
  • Superiors - subordinates,
  • Mobbing,
  • Conflict of interest, etc.

All calls and e-mails received by ethicsline's experts will be sent to your company Remed Ethics Committee.



A common access will be provided to all employees for voicing concerns about concordance to Corporate Principles.



All possible deficiencies and failures on the corporate business principles, codes and business ethics process will be investigated by an independent and equitable committee and employees will be encouraged to follow Corporate Principles.



Confidentiality of the caller will be ensured. An equitable and protecting committee will encourage employees to share their concerns about delicate topics more easily and will allow the company to take necessary precautions about deficiencies or about bringing solutions to potential problems.


Project launching will increase the awareness about Corporate Principles.



The project will increase the individual performance, motivation and loyalty while providing the possibility to prevent deficiencies proactively.