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1st STEP: New Notification

You can send a new notification with your user informationon Ethics Line by using your firm's account. PS: Your account information will shared with you by your firm.

You can find "New Notification" button top of the page on the login page than you can send a new notification. PS: The notifications that comes from the web site will be examined by Ethics Line agents by filling the case form. This case form will be shared your firm's İlgili bildirim, kurumunuzun belirlediği authorized person or committee.

You can make a desicion if you want to share your personal information like name, surname or e-mail address while you are sending your notifications or not.PS: You can also attached a picture or a file while you are doing your notifications.

You can do your notifications by using such easy steps. If you want to share more information with us use the next step of the notification form.

Please take a note of your Bildiriminiz yapıldıktan sonra karşınıza çıkan ekranda yer alan Tracking Number and Password when sent your notification. It is possible to track your notifications with these two information.


2st STEP: Tracking Notifications

You can track your notifications on this page that shared before.

You can read your notification that sent before and also the agent's message by using your login information.

The information you have shared with us on the Ethics Line will be stored by th protecting your personal privacy essentials.